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Beware business owners.Do not get a Advanta credit card.

We had a fixed 7.99% finance charge with no problems since Sept. 2005. In Sept. 2008 they raised my rate to 20.99% and then slipped it up to 22.99% by January 2009.

This for a customer that has never been late and always paid at lease three times the minimum payment. Crooks. Theives. When I called their supervisor "Greg" was extremely rude and said that since I had continued to use the card with the higher rate that was considered to be an acceptance.

I had not caught it until now when I noticed outrageous finance charges and he when I asked for a refund above the 7.99 fixed rate that I applied for he said a refund was "not happening". He was very very rude and would not be someone most companies would ever have hired based on attitude.

Stay away as their offers are not worth the paper written on.I'll bet Advanta will be the next financial company asking for a government bailout since they have no problem stealing our money.

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